Fair Well Fair Yulun

ichat20image272595942.jpgA bright spot in my morningShe fills a room with her tranquilityShe fills a screen with her abilityWarms a heart with her affabilityLights our eyes with her possibilityYet leaves us with the futilityof trying to hold her longer than she can stay. 220,000 waiting for a Visa… 66,000 receiving a Visa.Sometimes you win and sometimes your luck is simply postponed. We are all so fortunate to have had you in our day-to-day. Do not stay away forever.  I will miss you and your joy, Yulun.Ever,Conny



2 Responses to “Fair Well Fair Yulun”

  1. Hey, Conny…

    Came across your website…(clicking on “Images” in Google – Conny Van Dyke)
    Don’t you love the Internet!

    I’m retired…an old geezer, 77 years old…and still living in Michigan. Only not in
    Detroit…moved to Davison 20 years ago. Was on the radio all those years, including a few years out in L.A…corner of Sunset and Vine…Berry Gordy called and came to see my facility…decided to move into the bldg. Lots of fun back then.
    Got to see all my Motown friends…Stevie, Marvin, Diana, etc. We would ride the
    elevator together.

    So you are retired, too, I gather. Glad you got away from the motorcycle guys,


  2. Dearest Dave!
    Just so that you know, I am NOT retired! I did a guest star piece on “Cold Case” last October. What a kick to be on that set. I am merely dong some time until some really smart producer sees that Conny is just the ticket for a series!

    I will never forget how much you helped me with my recordings back “in the day”. I have to admit that I had a crush on you. You most definitely have not lost your smooth! I hope that you will visit my site often.

    My best to you always,

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