Grandma & Thanksgiving



It was goodbye-to-grandma time and Romeo (on loan from Paul) and Churchill jumped in to Grandma’s coach. In the one picture they look as if they are thinking, “Hey, where’s that little dog? You mean we have the front seat all to ourselves?!” The second picture has them thinking, “Great! For once just a picture of the BIG dogs.”How I would have loved to take them home with me! I spent Thanksgiving with Bronson and Sam, Churchill, Max and Romeo. Could there have been any more testosterone in the air?


Everyone enjoyed cheeses from around the world, fig jam, fabulous thinly sliced salami and crackers for appetizers and lobster and corn bread for dinner. The three vegetable sides were strictly for the “grown-ups”. Fresh kale, cabbage, shaved corn on the cob, yellow beets, etc., etc. Dinner was sumptuous! Dessert was a huge gingerbread cookie man topped with raspberries and mounds of whipped cream! Did I mention the wine?


We also took a tour (not without expense) of the new Whole Foods store in Pasadena. It is the largest on…at least the West Coast?! We bought some cheeses and a lot of other things we did not need and took in the smells and artistic presentation of some of the healthiest foods you’ll find anywhere. This was a great precursor to appetizers and Scrabble.


Another highlight of the day was getting to speak with Sam’s grandmother, Ramona. She was delightful. Spoke as if we had spoken to each other many times. I hope that we will. Better yet, I would lobe to meet her. I so admire the beautiful paintings she did that Sam has hanging in the entryway. She is so very talented. It meant an awful lot to all three of us to hear her voice on a day of thanks. How wonderful to have a grandmother present, if only by telephone.


We spent some of the evening sharing our Mac-projects, listening to good music and just chatting. We were making new memories. Of course, the doggies were right there with us…inside the house or outside.

What a joy to be with my boys…all five of them!


Thank you, Universe.

P.S. Maxwell Paddington Page [a/k/a: Maxi Pad] could not be located for these pictures.


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