The Kauai Girls Club

This past week has been a sequence of firsts. The most important being the meeting of the Kauai Girls Club; Claire Barry (CEO and Organizer, Saundra Forde, Claire’s Aunt and Grande Dame Extraordinaire, Danielle Hurley, Friend to All and Death-Defier Elite, Conny Van Dyke, House Mother and Club Communicator.) I hate to start to write of this vacation because there is so much that defies description. The tales will be many and varied and can only be told by one of the true members. Toni Childs is also a member of this fledgling group. The four of us began on this adventure to help Claire to celebrate the up-coming album release of Toni Childs. However, the four of us were bound to become the core element in what is sure to evolve into a most exclusive club of incredible women, bound to do even more incredible things.

We were brought together because club founder, Claire Barry, engineered this trip to Kauai, Hawaii to celebrate Toni Childs. However, in coming together, we forged a new and stalwart group of women hell-bent on meeting challenges, making changes in the World, and having the most fun imaginable in the least amount of time.

Mantras to come out of this event are bound to include: “Up to my ass in mud and loving this casual elegance!”, “10 PM is no time to call for quiet!” , “Scarborough Fair should be our theme song!”, and “ I have never come so far to look so bad!”


We had religious experiences helicoptering over the most beautiful rain forests of the world and visiting the first of the Earth’s craters, touching the faces of waterfalls, seeing where “God chills” and scoping the tracks of trackers and hunters. We applauded the magnificent efforts of the cast of “South Pacific”, inhaled a Luau, gleamed in the Kauai sun during mother Earth’s best massage, partook of a gracious and warm-blooded concert given by our fellow-member, bestowed a gift of lyric and raw song to the hostess singer, shared personalized wooden mementoes from a gallant red-head, drank, toasted and roasted every worthwhile female in our midst, lavished praise upon our and all progeny, sang, mutilated and composed prose and lyrics, learned to revere, admire and know ourselves and make it back in one piece. We have also promised to let what happened in Kauai ….stay in Kauai.



None of us were arrested and surely the Island is better for having hosted us.


We are better for having spent this time together; we sisters of The Kauai Girls Club 2008.


One Response to “The Kauai Girls Club”

  1. I’m so inspired by your eloquence and joie de vivre. Mind if I plagiarize a little to create a manifesto for our first (of what we hope will be an annual) girls’ weekend this May?

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