Gay American Heroes

Last night I met an incredible woman named Elke.  Bronson, Sam and I went to a “Silence the Hate” event organized to heighten people’s awareness to the countless people who have been hurt and even killed because of their sexual orientation.


Bronson simply said, “Mom, this is Elke. Her son, Sean, was killed 8 months ago in a hate crime.” I looked at Elke, hugged her and broke into tears.  We sobbed in each other’s arms. The depth to which I felt that pain is something that I will never forget. Nor do I want to.  The event was to benefit The Gay American Heroes Foundation.


I cannot imagine her pain; I can only half-imagine what mine would be.  The greatest nightmare in my life would be if I were to lose my son, let alone in such a manner. Whenever the thought of a loss like that comes to me, I physically shake my head to remove it from my mind.  I do not want to have such a negative thought out there.  

Elke spoke to the many people who had gathered at East West in West Hollywood and moved each one of them. Pictures of her son were showing on a giant screen and I could not help but look up at them every few minutes.  He did look an awful lot like Bronson did when he was a teenager. 

I didn’t find out until fairly recently that my son, Bronson Page, had been treated so badly when he was in school.  He never told me. He was lean, lanky, handsome, and highly intelligent and could communicate exceptionally well with anyone of any age. He was born that way. I was not very savvy regarding the how young men like my son could be treated if they were perceived to be gay; back then, “queer”. It never occurred to me that anyone would ever have a gripe with him…for any reason.  Again, he never told me.

Sean’s mother, Elke, and his father, James, were at the event to generate understanding. It was a fundraising event that touched everyone.  I was sad that I didn’t see any other parents there.  But, it has been my experience that so many parents take the homosexuality of their child to be a bad thing.  They push their child away.  I have never thought of my son’s being gay as anything other than a facet of his being. I often forget that so many parents throw their children away for no good reason.  That was also a part of what the night taught; too bad that there weren’t parents there to learn it. 

Today, I find myself thinking about Elke, James and their wonderful son, Sean. I will never forget either of them and I will never forget how strong those parents are. My son’s husband, Sam, has brought another opportunity to love to my life. We made a pact last night to stand together no matter what befalls us. I now have two sons and they are my reason for loving life so much. Either of them is reason enough. I’m just lucky, I guess.  And, I am lucky to have met Elke; she’s my hero.

I hope that you will lend your support…you will not regret it! 

I urge you to visit their website and know that your support is encouraged and you may reach them at

To see the invitation with the names of all who made it possible and additional information, please go to:



One Response to “Gay American Heroes”

  1. My heart goes out to Elke as well as all the Mother’s who lose a child in such a manner.
    To hate a person for something you don’t understand is the most senselless thing I can think of. People who hate those different from themselves are worse to me than the person they are hating. We are all different does that mean we should hate those who don’t believe as we do, are not the same race? You don’t have to agree with anything you wish not to but we have to accept each other. If we look in the mirror the reflection that comes back will not be that of a perfect person. We want to live the way we choose. All people should have the same right without having to fear for their llife or be labeled. Conny, I could never turn my back on my son no matter what he chose in this life. I know you feel Elke’s pain and have made us feel it to as much as we are able without knowing her. Just the fact this woman is hurting is enough. I’m glad she has a person like you in her llife.

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