A Letter from Elke Kennedy

I got a letter today…well actually, an email.  It came from Elke.  If you read my last posting, you know that she is the mother of young Sean Kennedy who died a violent death just 8 months ago at the hands of an ignorant homophobe.  I never knew Sean…and yet I knew Sean. I have seen him countless times each day.  He is the young man trying to make his mark in the arts, in sports, in the legal profession, pre-med, teaching, and a myriad of other careers.  Along with the wonderful written words that Elke hopes that we will be friends forever were pictures that I will treasure as long as the Universe shows her stars.


One picture shows my son, Bronson, and his husband, Sam, talking with Elke.  I am in the background talking to a dear friend of ours, Hudson.

Little do I know at that moment that Bronson (second from left) and Sam (left) are just meeting Elke (front right) and hearing her story of why she was at the evening’s celebration of Gay American Heroes at East West in West Hollywood. (Thank you, Chip Arndt!)  Hud and I are chatting it up in the background.

Then, Bronson introduces me to Elke; she hasn’t yet told me about her son, Sean.

The next thing you know…

two mothers meet and share a wonderful moment.

But Elke is not alone; her husband James is there to lend his love and support.

I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to have a photo taken with them.

You have already seen the crying hugs…this is the love that is left.  I love you, Elke and James.  I love you, Sean. I love you, Bronson and Sam.



One Response to “A Letter from Elke Kennedy”

  1. I’ve never been prouder than I was of you on this day, Mom.

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