Paving Paradise

cvdparkingblock.jpgThe parking lot is being turned into a train station. In my estimation, that is better than the other way around. All of us at Click Active Media have been re-routed to park in the rear parking structure…from now on. Sure, it will be a bit of a schlep, but…Hell! I can use the exercise. I have been walking my rounds near my apartment only 4 times a week instead of every day. My son-in-law, Sam Page, will be disappointed in me. So, I can tell him that I am now making up for it at work.


Anyway, as I was picking up the mail from our front lobby, I looked out into the bare parking median on Thursday and saw… directly across from our office… my spot.


It will not seem like any big deal to anyone but to me, but I took an amazing amount of pride in that designated spot. I am working for and with people who treat me in a way that I have never been treated in the corporate/white-collar world. I am extremely fortunate. It was nothing for my two bosses to say,” Designate a parking space for Conny.” They did it with not even a raise of an eyebrow. It makes me feel that I am valued. That is not the only way that I am made to feel as if I am revered, but it is one that made a marked impression upon me.


I have seen my name on a marquee, in lights, in print, on a TV show crawl and I must admit that I have never felt more pride than I did yesterday when I saw my name on my space at my workplace. I just had to have a picture. It is not that I would forget…I could not. I wanted to share it with those who visit my site. I want to say how very wonderful it is to be a part of a company/family that supports me in my efforts.


The really great thing is that my name will be on a space in the new structure.

You can have your “Doris Day Parking”. I have C. Van Dyke parking.


One Response to “Paving Paradise”

  1. Sharon Barber Says:

    You are important to a lot of people especially me. You deserve your own parking space. Way to go!!!

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