Stop Your Bitchin’…Get Your Edge Back!

img_0536your-picture-here.jpgI can say that my life has been an amazing one, I can also say that I have not always given stellar performances. Oh sure, I had a rather charmed growing -up and a fabulous mini-career in television, motion pictures and recording. But what about all the other years? I have had many different careers. Obviously, they all did not have something to do with the entertainment arena. But, I have to admit; when it came to having to make a living, I have never felt that I was “better than that.”

A good motto to remember is “You are only as good as your last performance.” Because of lapses between television, film and recording and nightclub gigs, there were definitely times when my last “performance” was more than a few years previous. That means that, for those of you who don’t get it, if my last film role was 5, 10 or 20 years ago…I ain’t exactly hot today when it comes to film. Does that mean that, since I was marginally successful in the 70s and 80s that I cannot make a living? No. It just means that I can make a living in some other field until, and if, I want to make it again in film.

Okay, so, just so that you are up to speed…after many years in show business, I was away from it for many years. I sold cars, I was a nail tech, I had an advertising company, I was an assistant at a skin therapy clinic, I taught E.S.O.L, I was a court interpreter, a truck-stop waitress, I mowed lawns, I unloaded shrimp cages (those last 4 after I was 50 years old) and a Sheriff (not necessarily in that order)…all these things because I was away form Hollywood, New York and Detroit. The reason/s for the myriad of jobs, however, is a blog for another day.

So, when I am met with someone who is nearly penniless, hustles friends and thinks that he or she is above any job available to them…I have to say, “Bullshit!” Must I remind you that you are only as good as your last performance? Pull up your fucking bootstraps and get a job!

What?! Borrow more money? Slide further into the toilet?! Use your friends more? Are you really all about making excuses and being viewed as a victim? This behavior irks the Hell out of me, especially if the person has health and talent. I absolutely have no patience with people who leech off of others while they try to find some niche where they will be paid what they “used to” be paid. “Used to” is a very lame partial-phrase; “Used to” don’t count. Get off of your lazy ass and do something…even if it’s wrong!

My son once told me ,”Mom…you have lost your edge.” I was thrown across the room! I was angry…because it was true. It was a time in my life when I began to coast and not take on anything that took energy, some study or some will. I was about to be the pathetic person who kept saying, “I used to”. “Used to” ain’t shit. No one gives a shit and neither should you. Get current. Show the World, and yourself, that you have stuff to give that is worthwhile.

That is my message and…

it should be a big, honkin’ Post-it right there on your brain.



One Response to “Stop Your Bitchin’…Get Your Edge Back!”

  1. Incredible advice from a woman who most definitely has her edge in full gear. One of your best blog entries, yet. Thanks for keeping us all on our toes.

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