How to Get the Boss on the Couch

Okay, now that I have your attention… in this instance, I do not mean like as in “casting couch”. A few months ago, my boss at Click Active Media (Claire Barry) ordered a “fainting couch” for her office. The style she liked was available, but it wasn’t the finish that she loved. She asked me if I could “bling-out” the one that we could get right away. These are the times that I say, “Sure!” and worry about how I’ll do it later. (Like the time I said I could ride a motorcycle for the movie “Hell’s Angels ’69”!)

When the couch was delivered, it was a truly ugly cherry wood. Here comes the “later” part of “how I’ll do it”. This may come in handy as an idea for what to do if you already have a furniture piece that you are not in love with.
#1) I took the couch apart and then carefully masked off the beautiful fabric areas of the seat and back. I did that by using pieces of plastic and lotsa blue painters tape!
#2) I used pushpins to secure twine on the bottom of each leg and then used the same (dare I say technique?) thing to attach the string to a narrow board that I balanced on a ladder. It is easier to paint the legs of any furniture in this manner and less messy. When I detailed the legs, I just leaned them against the wall.
img_0096couch-back-detail.jpg img_0169-back-couch-detail-2.jpg
#3) To paint the elegant back of the couch, I propped it against a wall, using a piece of styrofoam between the wall and the wood. When the one side was done, I turned it around and did the other side.
I painted all of the wood with a black acrylic paint and a few splashes of irridescent silver acrylic. Obviously, this is my own method…never saw it anywhere! Anyway, it seemed like a no-brainer. After all had dried, I simply took a sponge and a rag and dabbed and rubbed over the surfaces with acrylic antique silver…to give it some panache. To finish…gloss varnish. The end result?
A photo of… img_0510claire-couch-4.jpg the Boss on the Couch.

4 Responses to “How to Get the Boss on the Couch”

  1. You are a creative force of nature. This is why when I first met you, not knowing what gifts to buy for Christmas, I immediately gravitated toward that “Art Book” — because you have creative energy coming out of your earlobes! Is it any wonder you are the mother of one of the most talented art director/screenwriter/all-around-handy-man, Bronson Page?

  2. Sharon Barber Says:

    As long as I’ve known you, you have been so creative. There is nothing you can’t do. I wish I had one tenth the talent you have.

    Sharon Barber 3/4/08

  3. the boss Says:

    oh, conny, you have me on the couch everyday! figuratively of course 😉 and not casting 🙂

  4. Conny! You have more talent and style in one day than most have in an entire lifetime. You gots skills!!!

    -Wonderful site. Off the chain!


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