Space Face for the Moment…Burbank the Cat


This is Burbank…Banks, to me. She is 18 pounds of dynamite or slow-movin’ feline. She has more patience than an old maid school marm and is twice as feisty.

She loves me…when she wants to (much like the majority of my ex-husbands), licks my hand when I haven’t stroked her enough ( much like me with the majority of my ex-husbands) and knows how to say my name (not like ANY of my ex-husbands!) She used to belong to my son Bronson. But then he moved into a place where he could not take her. Me? I’m a fool! I’ll even take in a stray pussy, apparently. (Don’t get crazy.) Banks is a precious little life that makes me feel…dare I say it? NEEDED!

What is even more crazy is…


she makes me feel better any time I need to feel better.


One Response to “Space Face for the Moment…Burbank the Cat”

  1. She’s a good girl, but definitely a one-person cat. You know, I could have taken her, but she’d never have survived Wile E. Coyote. I’m so glad she has lots of love. 🙂

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