Look it up…right there in The Urban Dictionary. That time of night when you have had enough of the night to be a little loose but not out of control. You are on the dance floor and you have never looked or moved better in your whole life. You are alive, moving to a beat that everyone can feel and you have yourself better. Camera pans…you are surrounded by the very thing that makes your pulse race, your head spin and your adrennaline course through your body like it’s the skid in the gravel. If you could put that on your shirt, you would. She did.
claire-clubs-hat.jpg conny-spades-fonzi-shirt.jpg


For some it’s a vice: dice, ponies, sex, dessert. Maybe you have a horse in each of those races. I have to admit that my friend, Claire, knows exactly where that place is and has the creative accumine to put it all together in a mini-project that has me imbedded before I can even take a breath. But that’s the way she does buisiness…that’s how she sees it.
She is also my boss. I have to say that it is never boring at work. That means that sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes I am chasing my shorts looking for the answers. But, when she starts up an enterprise and puts your name on one of the pieces…you gotta say, ” Hey! Mama Luch! You’re crazy and I love it!”
So, get out your C.C. and go to


There are shirts that have the Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs and Spades done like your thoughts. (The “Claire”, the “Danielle”, the “Shannon” and the “Conny”.
Me? I’m the blonde in the Las Vegas Spades. (I actually have that picture of myself…back in the day.) Caps and thongs? You betcha! Go! Order! Especially if you like blondes…order the “Conny”. Tell ’em that Bronson‘s mother sent you!

3 Responses to “The New Buzz Word…LUSHALICIOUS!”

  1. HAWT! Very fun. Very sexy.

  2. Writing to you and to say that you’re a good actress in all the films you have made. My favorite is the film Hells Angels 69 I like old movies and this tops it off at #1. I hope you are still doing your acting career and plan on doing a new film soon. I wish you best with your acting career and keep up the good work. I would like to know if i may have an autograph photo please thank you. my address is Donna Danica P.O. Box 542 Anaheim, Ca 92815. to send info. and etc. Gotta run take care and keep up the good work. Donna Danica

  3. Slow down there! Man,I thought I was still cool but u dear take the cake. Love the stuff and want one of course. Well if you want to be “In” you have to get one right? See what I can do. Conny
    you never cease to amaze me honest in a good way!!!

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