Butt-nibbled by the Past

A couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk at Click when I heard a voice from The Prez’s office.

“Did you hear that?” It was Ryan speaking to Andrew and Brian who were all having their lunch and watching GSN (Game Show Network).

My desk is situated in such a way that I am able to see a bit of the TV that is mounted on the wall in Ryan’s office. A few seconds went by when Ryan sang out, “Hey, Conny! Can you come in for a sec?” I glanced up in the direction of his office and saw the TV screen with Gene Rayburn’s face… wall-to-wall. I knew it was Match Game.

It is only about an 8 second walk to his office, so I was at Ryan’s door in no time. He had the remote control in his hand and was backing up the TIVO thingy. I thought for a second that it was one of my old game show re-runs. But, it was even better than that. As Ryan re-wound the show and re-played it, I saw Gene with his 3 foot microphone leaning in to Lee Ann Merriwether (actress and Miss America from REALLY back in the day!). She was wearing a long titian wig and giggling. “So, is this the real Conny Van Dyke?”, Gene asks.

She plays a dumb-blonde for a second or so, and says, “No. A friend of mine gave me some wigs…..”(it trails on.) What a freaky moment. Because Ryan knows me quite well and is a good friend, I know that he scrolls through the shows…checking to see if I am on the show that day. I chortled and said some off-hand thing and went back to my desk.

The thing is, I never thought for a moment that 30-some years later I would be sitting at a desk and that my friends at work would hear my name on National TV. A few things went through my head; I was pleased, I was proud and I hoped that I showed enough aplomb to simply walk away and act as if I didn’t pay it too much mind. I also hoped that I had risen a tad in the estimation of those with whom I work. There IS this age thing with TV Trivia.

It is difficult to not live in the past sometimes; to not think that my past makes it worth knowing me right now. Although, I must admit, my son and son-in-law, my friends at work and those outside of work seem to enjoy…tales from a broad!


One Response to “Butt-nibbled by the Past”

  1. Great post, Mom. Love the ‘Tales’. Keep it up. Love, Bronson

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