Happy Mutha’s Day

Mother’s Day always has me feeling a lot of different emotions.  The first one that I feel is that of gratitude.  I am so very grateful to be the mother of Bronson Behrendt Page.

Bronson and Me        

 Me with Sam (left) and Bronson (right)  

I am also filled with joy to be the mother-in-law of Samuel Jensen Page…clebrating my 1st real M-Day with him this year. (Truth be told, we are all sick this day so are loving each other from a distance.)

The next emotion is longing…

 I miss having my mother with me. Charlotte Elizabeth “Libby” Van Dyke.  She died 12 years ago this past April 28th. (My father, Benjamin Van Dyke, Jr., followed her, two months to the day.) There has never been a better mother.( Nor a better father…but that’s for Father’s Day.)

Bronson, Mom, Dad and Me   “Family Portrait” by Bronson B. Page

I also miss and still grieve for my brother, Benjamn Van Dyke, III.  He was buried on Mother’s Day thirty-nine years ago. He was 23.  I remember my mother saying that it was only fitting that he be buried on “her” day. Brother Van was born on Friday the 13th, December 1946 and was killed on May 7th, 1969 and buried on May 10, 1969…Mother’s Day.

                                                             Brother Van   

That was the beginning of the specialness of the numbers 7 and 13. Those numbers have looked after Bronson and me since that Mother’s Day. 


Anyway, I remember that one of my mother’s favorite shirts was a tee shirt which read…”I’m A Mutha!” She wore it on Mother’s Day many years ago. She also reminded me that ” Mutha’ is only half a word.” Libby was a piece of work. I can only aspire.

The last emotion? Peace.I feel at peace with the ones whom I love.  I am lucky to have “adopted” a lot more sons and several daughters and they add to the richness of my life. I have shed those folks who tried to steal my joy.  I guess that’s why I follow in my mother’s footsteps; I’m a Mutha’, too. So, let’s just call this…a Mutha’ tale from a broad.


4 Responses to “Happy Mutha’s Day”

  1. We love you so much. It has been an amazing journey all these 40 years, Mom. Thanks for teaching me all I know, and for having the strength and smarts to also keep learning. You continue to be an inspiration. xo, Bronson & Sam

  2. Sharon Barber Says:

    You are an inspiration and such a lovely person, on the outside and inside. so glad you are my friend and sister. Lots of Love Sharon

  3. Conny,
    I know the pain of losing parents for mine are
    both gone. It is so touching the way you speak of them. It truly breaks my heart about
    Ben for I knew him and he was such a delightful young boy. You have had as much
    pain as joy in your life and have come out a strong person which is a great example to all
    take care friend

  4. Hi Conny. I don’t recall that we have ever met, but my father is your first cousin. I remember getting cards from your parents, and I have my father’s collection of 45s, which includes one of yours. I was really struck by this entry, not only because of the nice remembrance of your family, but because of the mention of 7 and 13 as your special numbers. They have always been mine also.

    Your blog is great, and I just wanted to say hello and best wishes.

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