Ladies, Love Your Boobs!

You may not know it, but…if you are a female who goes in for her yearly mammogram, you are part of a Sister-Hood. I didn’t realize it until yesterday when I went for my yearly “I-didn’t-think-they-could-be-sqeezed-that-flat” test. After signing in at UCLA Med Center in Westwood, the lovely Youlanda escorted me to the inner waiting room, assigned me a locker and showed me where the twiggy-sized hospital gowns were. There were two very pretty you women who were also waiting for the “twist” session.

When I came out of the dressing room, the pretty brunette noticed how I had my gown tying in the front and looked down to notice that her ties weren’t in the front. She looked up and said,”Do I have this on right?” I replied, “Sure, if you’re having a back exam.” Gotta say we all started giggling at that point. We chatted back and forth a while and then the pretty blonde’s mother came out of the exam room. I thought that it was terrific that they were doing this together. Sign of a caring family.

We four exchanged a few anecdotes and some laughs. We also decided that we were in a sort of sorority. If we had been in the outside room, waiting, we probably wouldn’t have felt a camaraderie. But, we have decided, we were each there for the same reason and we each were stripped down and wearing a brutally unsophisticated gown.

I claimed I’d need two of them tied together to cover my tits…and I also said that this might be a new look that could change my dance card entries! (UCLA, may I suggest the Mammogram-wrap?) We were all alike right then. We take care of ourselves, we don’t have bras on and we feel a little vulnerable. Also…we don’t know what the outcome will be. (Actually, that sounds a lot like the standard Prom Night, except we probably wouldn’t be with three other females at the time!)

We were all making light conversation to make ourselves feel better…we also made each other feel better and helped each other to know that we are not alone. I gave the pretty blonde lady’s mom my web address after she told me that her daughter wanted to invite me to Thanksgiving Dinner . Sometimes I am more amusing than TV. Anyway, thank you, Ladies. You’re all titties and beer! That’s a good thing. Another good thing is I have once again added to the…tales from a broad.


5 Responses to “Ladies, Love Your Boobs!”

  1. rosemaag Says:

    Hello Conny,

    How is my favorite lady. Your pix look beautiful. Saw the clips on Youtube, amazing site. Miss you. I do love my boobs.


  2. Rosie,Rosie! How wonderful to hear from you!
    I hope that you will also visit Lovesickbilly and Peaclovelunges!
    They are Bronson’s and Sam’s blogs. They usually have more pix than I do…and
    they have an endless supply of eyecandy!
    Girl, I hope that all is well with you…you deserve it to be.
    My love to your handsome bear husband and your handsome son.

  3. Conny you crack me up aonly you could get a invitation to dinner in a exam gown. ““Sure, if you’re having a back exam.” that cracked me up!! Thanks for the laugh babe

  4. jerome feen Says:

    just read your bio went to ophs remember you very well interesting career you had write back
    would like to know more about what you do and where you live and about your son

  5. Jerome…so nice to hear from you! A small correction;
    I STILL have an interesting career. My episode of Cold Case aired last month, “Shore Leave”. For the rest of the info…all you need do is check out my blog from time to time. My son Bronson’s site is listed on my blog roll as is the site belonging to my son-in-law, Sam Page. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

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