Conny Van Dyke…Tales From a Broad.

Don’t Let You Cowboys Grow Up to Be Babies!

The L.A. Rodeo in Thousand Oaks last weekend was worth every drop of sweat on my sons’ brows. My son Bronson reminds me a lot of my late-brother, Van.  They neither liked to participate in athletic team sports.  But…give them a chance to shine in a one-cowboy venue or on a motorcycle…well…that was different.  Bronson  and Sam were outstanding in the Chute-dogging event and even in the Goat Dressing event. Along with their mentor, Sonny Koerner, they were my favorite Cowboys.


From Friday night when we left until my sons dropped me off at my apartment, I never thought of anything other than what we were doing right then…right there in the moment. Dear friends Johnathan, Joe and Greg came up to share the great time.  

Sam \ 

Sam had his first Chute-dogging experience and proved that he is a fierce competitor. If you know Sam, you are not surprised by that. He was incredible!

It was good to see him so at-ease and so relaxed…that is, once he got that first feat out of the way.


Bronson was clearly in his element.  I’m so thrilled that he has found this wonderful outlet and this great way to compete and breathe free alongside Sam while being in the real world.  

I have to thank Sonny for seeing to it that my sons are getting the best lessons and pointers from a real friend.

In the Company of Cowboys

Our friend Johnathan came to add his support and to enjoy the weekend events and took some great shots of my favorite cowboys. Johnathan is such a joy to be around and he even knows how to do the Two-Step!

Although the thermometer may have been showing 100-and-Stupid…

that is, over 115 degrees,  it did not keep the cougar in the cave!

But that’s just another tale from a broad.



3 Responses to “Conny Van Dyke…Tales From a Broad.”

  1. What an amazing photo journal. Thanks for being such an important part of our weekend.

  2. Sounds like a great experience. Your boys did great!! I love horses but am scared to death to get on one so I admire those who can. I do llike to watch people ride so these pictures really help give the feeling of being there to some degree. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Hat off to all of you

  3. Sonny Koerner Says:

    What a great time we had that weekend — can’t wait to see you again soon, “Mom” 🙂

    Much Love —


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