Coming Soon…to a small screen near you!

If you read Lovesick Billy, you know that something is in the offing.  I have just finished shooting an episode of my favorite TV series.  I will not tell you which one that is yet because of the “jinx principal”. Suffice to know that…the eyes have it!    As far as I am concerned you simply don’t have a part until it airs!  Sure, my closest and bestest know the show, but it is not for print just yet.  I used to think that the moment you are told you have the part it is a sure thing.  I learned that there is “many a slip ‘twixt the cup and lip” when I was just a kid. My father used to tell me that but I didn’t come to know the magnitude of the proverb until I became an entertainer.  Simply put: lots can happen until the show/movie/episode actually is seen. About 9 or 10 months ago, my son Bronson Page and his now-husband Sam Page double-teamed me at a lovely dinner at Mexico City (my fave restaurant in L.A.). They said that I needed to get back into acting because it is clear to them that I am my most happy when I am entertaining.                                                           My son Bronson Behrendt Page


                                                        my son-in-law Sam Jensen Page

I signed with Todd Justice at Venture IAB and I didn’t really have to bust a gut…although, I’m sure that HE did!       




Bronson and Todd Justice

Bronson and Sam were right about Justice and they were right about when I am my happiest. I have had many auditions since then and have gotten each one except one. However, something always happened so that it didn’t actually happen! The one that I did NOT get was because I didn’t really bring “me” to the audition. I haven’t forgotten to do that since  

When I get the real okey doke on the piece I did for TV, you’ll be the 10th to know; family and BFs first, you know.       

   And when I tell you the rest and I post all the fab pictures from the shoot…

                    it’ll be real just like all of the…tales from a broad.


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