The Angels Chronicles: Reflection 2

As long as I live, I will remember and cherish the time I spent preparing for and filming,”Hell’s Angels ’69”. My son, Bronson, was just a baby.  I came to Hollywood to make enough money to pay off the hospital associated with his birth and to make a base for my future. The Oakland Chapter of The Hell’s Angels played a huge role in helping me to become the mother, actress and sage I now am.  Sage? You bet your ass.  With Ralph “Sonny” Barger as an unwitting tutor, I learned lessons I passed down to my son and to any young person who listened.  I also had a Hell’s Angel for a lover.  His name is Sweet Terry…and he was just that to me.


Let me get right to the Hell’s Angel lover part.  Sweet Terry, or “Sweet T” or simply “T” to those closest was an enigma. I have no delusions as to how tough and merciless he could be…at least not now. When I met him, he was this beautiful, strong, bearded, blue-eyed force who thought that I was beautiful and talented and told me so. He loved the poetry I wrote about the Angels and he loved my innocence.  Well, yeah, what guy wouldn’t love innocence?! He loved to hear about my son, Bronson Behrendt Page.  He wanted the three of us to ride together to Mendocino. 

I heard that Sweet Terry was killed in Altamonte Springs during the Rolling Stones concert.

 Sweet Terry, left w/glasses and beard



Sweet Terry was definitely there…strong arming a heckler. Did he die? I don’t know for sure. 

I know that I took the coward’s way out and returned home to my son on the very evening that the film wrapped.  My heart wanted the three of us to ride to Mendocino; my brain told me that my son deserved more than a skid in the gravel.Above is a photo of Sonny Barger, Tramp and Skip.  They are the ones who taught me not to try to  make a life where you are only an observer.  If it ain’t in your heart so deep that you’d die for it…find another place.

That’s me riding behind actor Jeremy Slate in the moveie, “Hell’s Angels ’69”. Right…BEHIND.    


This is me in the Mojave Desert with Tom Sterns and Jeremy Slate.



I have had the opportunity to speak with Sonny just a year or so ago.  He, like me, has smoothed a little with age.  He was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of his book, “Hell’s Angel”. I have this crazy respect for him.  I wouldn’t take any of it back…but I never wanted to do it again for anything.

 Sonny…these days.                                      Sonny…back in the day.  Thanks, Sonny.  You taught me more than you know.

When I think about Sweet T and where we would have gone..him, Bronson and me…I’m glad I wasn’t enough of a romantic and a fool to hook my deal to him. He was magnificent; I was’t…yet. I am now and I know that I did the right thing.  I also did stuff that makes great…tales from a broad.


4 Responses to “The Angels Chronicles: Reflection 2”

  1. I love this. What an extraordinary life you lead. I am perpetually in awe. Great stuff, Mom. xo, B

  2. Steve Schillinger Says:

    Conny, I was the kid that delivered the Detroit news to your mom & dad’s house when you, your mom, dad and your son bronson lived on Westhampton in Oak Park . it was a great pleasure when I arrived on Friday evenings to collect my weekly earnings as you, or your mom & dad always had something cheerfull and positive to say, proving to me that your parents did a good job in raising the family and have always been good people. I have recently retired from the U.S. Navy, after serving for 20 years as military police, I am now residing in Spain with my wife. however,once in a while I return to the states where we have our other home in Tucson. sure, I still come back and visit, attend weddings,etc. I joined the Navy late in life at the age of 30, so I had several years before that to ride my Harley and enjoy a lot of good times with some of the brothers from our old neighborhood who were members of many Detroit area motorcycle clubs. the next time that I fly back to Arizona I may just visit the Skull valley area, stop by that bar and have a couple beers with the Angels, they never did have a chapter of Hells Angels in Michigan that I remember,although they did like to ride up to Houghton Lake on runs way back in the sixties.Anyway, bless you darling if you do remember who I am. ( I will give you a hint) my older brother was Eddie, he used to hang out with George Bolvari, Doug Covault, and Ron Kohler . All the best, adios, the Kid.

  3. Steve,
    Of course I remember your handsome, blonde, trim self! Both me and my brother, Van, thought you and Eddie were great guys. I also remember that I flirted with you and your brother unmercifully; don’t forgive me! I am so pleased to hear of your full and interesting life. My brother and my father were in the Navy which has always made me a Navy fan. I am glad that you had the chance to ride. Van and I both rode and he actually competed in dirt bike racing as well. Van visited me during filming of the movie and spent some time with me and Sweet Terry. Check the site from time to time as I have many more stories to tell about the time I spent with the Oakland Chapter of the Hell’s Angels while filming. I send my best to you always,

  4. I am searching for the chapter that in the late 70’s and 80’s road through the upper pennisula-escanaba, mich. The bar was the Michigan Bar ludington street. The owner’sname was red. I met a few at the bar. The bar across the street was were the A-heads chapter hung out. I helped A BIKER NAMED “SPIDER” TALL THIN MAN hE SAID ID i EVER NEEDED TO TALKWITH HIM TO ASK AROUND. i AM SEEKING HIS HELP nOW!!! dO YOU KNOW THE CHAPTER THAT ROAD INTO ESCANAB mICH AND HOW I COULD FIND SPIDER AND STRETCH

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