The Zone: We Lead Three Lives…at Least.

Sam Page is incredible! His last blog just set me to spinning. How he sees weight-lifting (ugh!) and exercise (2Xugh!) is crazy.


But he is on-schedule with the way it makes someone feel when they are alone…in their element. When I am at the piano, making up a song as I go along and I have an audience…I would not trade it for a climax or ten. I am really very good when I am in my zone.

Sam was talking about how he feels when he is lifting weights.  I cannot talk about that. I can talk about being 62 and fabulous, I can talk about having a gay son and a son-in-law-, I can talk about being  a fucking entertainer superb; I cannot talk about exercise. 

What I can say is that I understand where he goes when he is in his element. It has been my belief for years that, as long as we are some-what balanced in our own space, we have at least three lives which we lead.

I will not put them in order, as that is up to each individual.  (As far as I can figure, there are at least 6 orders, and they can change at any time!) One life is the life that we lead and manipulate as our life where we earn our bread.  Fuck ANYONE who tries to mess with us  bringing home our bread!


There is the life that we lead when we are with our mate.  That portion has no laws…

no ROE handed down that we are forced to follow. The smart ones, like Sam and my son Bronson, know that they have found a treasure and a companion for life. 


The last remaining life ( if we are NOT Sybil…and I am very close…!) is the life that we lead when we are alone.  This is the life that is most telling.  If we are truthful with our own selves, we behave very differently here.  We are honest, vulnerable and grasping. At this time, we can find our real goals, feel our real feelings and dream our real dreams.  

When you are truly in your zone, it is MY belief that you are honest with yourself. You have the best idea of where you want to be and of what you are capale of doing to get there.  There will be things that court you and your favours. These things lead you away from your own truth.  I know my truth: I only want to be a hero to my son.  


The problem with this is that he already thinks that I am a hero.  And so…it means that I have to be a hero to everyone else!  The truth? I am not yet a hero to myself.



Sam and Bronson have a very beautiful way of living their lives together.  I have never known the love that they share.

People have said that I will still meet the man meant for me.  The thing is, I’ve already had him…6 times over…and that is NOT counting the ones I did not marry nor the ones whose names I do not remember. Right. Men are NOT the only ones who have had those times; I loved those times, too.

Before you begin to feel sorry for me…I do not think that I ever wanted the kind of love that Bronson and Sam have.  It was enough that I LOVED.  Still is.

But, that’s just one more of those tales from a broad.


2 Responses to “The Zone: We Lead Three Lives…at Least.”

  1. I hope you know that you’re also a hero to me, and I am so grateful to have you in my life.

  2. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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