Sam Page’s 34th!

How terrific to celebrate Sam’s 34th Birthday with some of the best people in the WORLD!

La Group was there en-force…

Sam was truly surprised and I will never forget his handsome face as he realized we were there to wish him the best!

                                                Sam and Bronson

This was the Thursday night before we left for the 2008 NGR in Las Vegas, NV. (For those of you outta-the-loop, that’s the National Gay Rodeo. Bronson and Sam are members of the L.A. Chapter and are very active in the events.) And we were patrons, once again, at one of our fav gathering places, Mexico City on Hillhurst in Los Feliz.  Great food and amazing Margaritas!

Sam is my 2nd most precious person in the world.

Members of La Group…

Pat Woodhams 

 Jonathan Varjabedian & Sonny Koerner 



Joe Balthazar and Greg Zarian 

 Rachel Cannon 



Me and Varj…I must be telling a story

just another tale from a broad.


One Response to “Sam Page’s 34th!”

  1. Sounds like a great party for Sam. I wish him a Happy Birthday and many more.

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