Dear Senator Obama, Gay Marriage?

After last night’s debate, I am more convinced than ever that you are the right person for the job as President of the United States. The directness and sincerity you exude further exemplifies some of your leadership qualities that have made you my choice. Your views on how to move the economy to a stable state, foreign policy, Osama Bin Laden, Al Quada, energy, health care and education fit well with my own views for the prosperity of this country. Now for one more very important point that effects millions of voters…gay marriage.



I am the mother of a gay son whom, this past June 17Th, married his partner.  They are extraordinary men…but maybe I am prejudiced.  The joy and pride they felt from the moment that they became legally married is something too difficult to put in to words.  As working, voting and involved citizens, they bring energy and hopefulness to each day and to each person they know. To finally be able to live and love as any other married couple, they have all of the rights so many have taken for granted…including me.

It would be difficult to argue that people who are recognized as a legitimate family unit and who love each other and who take and shoulder the responsibilities of their lives, both individually and together, are better friends, better neighbors and better citizens. They are also better sons, daughters and parents.

You will hear from me on November 4, 2008; and that is NOT just more….tales from a broad.


8 Responses to “Dear Senator Obama, Gay Marriage?”

  1. i found this post via tag surfing…so this is entirely random. but i just want to thank you. i can tell with this post alone that you are an extraordinary woman and your son is lucky……, BLESSED to have you as a mother…as i was blessed to have a mother as i had.

  2. Jay-
    Thank you so much for “stopping in”! Yu might find some of my earlier blogs as interesting. It makes me smile to read that you had a mother who prized you as I do Bronson, my son, and Sam, my son-in-law. Please do not be timid to go to their sites as well. They are brillint energetic and handsome young men whouse their talents and energies to promote critical and sensitive thinking…not to mention that they are funny as hell and keep me on my toes!
    Thanks again, Dear Jay,

  3. Happy Birthday Conny.

  4. Barack Obama is our best hope for the future of this country, and I believe if he makes it to the White House, we will have a president who lived less than 5 miles from our house in Pasadena (while attending Occidental College) and understands intimately the discrimination that gay people face. He may not be elected under such a premise, but I have great hope that he will do hard, brave things in office that unify our people. There is no doubt that legally marrying has been one of the greatest gifts and responsibilities of my lifetime. It “is” different than “domestically partnering” because it is EQUAL.

  5. I agree with the above comment. You are such a great mother! Unfortunately I haven’t had such luck with parents 😦

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  7. Obama is my choice for President. I think everyone no matter what their choices are have the right to live their lives in a way that makes them happy. It is our right as Americans to pursue happiness where we see fit. Religion and morals are part of our freedom and should stay that way. Obama is for the rights of every citizen. I think he will make a good President on all counts. All people are entitled to health care, and the right to choose who they want to be with. It’s that right Obama is defending.

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