Cutie Pa-Tootie, Not Vice Presidential, Let Alone Presidential!

Yes, she may be huggable; yes, she’s Joan Six-Pack.  But, damn; I can get that at my neighborhood bar! AND…does she even know what an Achilles Heel is? Let me add that if I ever hear the word “nuclear” pronounced as “nu-cu-ler” by one more Bush-ite, I may take a hostage, now doggone it! Spare me SARAH PALIN! No, she did NOT answer direct questions. No, I cannot see her stepping in as President, should “God forbid for either candidate if elected”. Sarah is Mayoral, and just barely Gubernatorial but not Presidential.  I want the President AND the Vice President to at least come-off as smarter than I am. I couldn’t lean on her for anything other than a fill-in PTA Mom to bake a cake. Not your fault, Sarah. You are probably the best Sarah Palin there is.  On November 4th I will vote for the persons who know what is going on, read a paper or magazine, know about the Supreme Court issues that irritate them and can read the signs that pop-up before the events take place; namely, Barak Obama and Joe Biden. They have been to the game, know the players, have a score card AND a program. Everything CANNOT be directed back to what you did with energy in Alaska and how to gut a Caribou in Moosesilla; no “You Betcha!”.  And, come on, Sarah, “times when I did not veto the budget” as a principal that I have changed  my view upon in my experience? It is clear that you have not done enough time…or at least you have not been paying attention.

 What you say sounds an awful lot like some…tales from some broad…just not THIS broad!


4 Responses to “Cutie Pa-Tootie, Not Vice Presidential, Let Alone Presidential!”

  1. Thanks for weighing in on this. I love that you said she’s probably the best Sarah Palin there is, but that’s simply not enough, is it?

  2. I enjoyed your blog on this issue. Damn right you can’t lean on her for nothing more then BS. I really tried to like her not because she’s a woman but because she seemed to be a good candidate for the warped Maverick McCain.

    Now? I think she’s a good dancer with words with nothing much to say unless it is rehearsed. Also? The winking and extra cuteness has to go…Strangers who do this constantly make me think of white vans with blacked out windows and used car lots. I know she’s feminine and plucky or “down to earth”/”being herself” (much love to her for that) but please act professional.

  3. I just hope that very soon, she can refocus all of her energy and pluck on “Alayaska.”

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