The McCain Side-Step


Hearing over and over that you know how to solve this or that is not an answer to a question that asks what you will do when you are The President of The United States; it is a side-step.  John McCain should have his own dance…The McCain Side-Step. It can only be done WITHOUT a partner.


        Two-Step: You Need a Partner                         



       McCain Side-Step: No Partner Needed!

It was as if John McCain had this secret about how to get everything done and fixed and he was not about to share.  Why does he keep the secrets about how to fix the economy until he is elected?  Seems to me that there are a lot of people in Washington who could have benefitted from the info…us included. Thank you, Barak Obama, for letting us know that you do the “Two-Step” and the American people are your partners.  

There were a lot of stories from the “Old Days” from McCain tonight; stories about McCain’s hero, Ronald Reagan. Does McCain really think that we want more of THAT?

If I want more of “Bed Time for Bonzo”, I’ll see if I can rent it!  

History is great…but, to borrow from Ms. Jackson, “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

I think that would be a whole other dance, John. And that is not just some…tales from a broad.


One Response to “The McCain Side-Step”

  1. Well-said. I’d like to believe that all Americans aren’t so easily gulled. After the first four years of Bush II,
    Democrats tried to steer us away from another four. Granted, we didn’t have the greatest candidate, but in retrospect, would Kerry have been as bad as Bush II, the sequel? So here we are again, trying to point out that the emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. If America votes these Republicans (and particularly THESE Republicans) into office, I shudder to imagine what’s next, and I’m not going to hate to say, “We told you so.” Anyone still undecided should read the Rolling Stone articles on McCain and Obama, as well as their running mates, starting with this one.

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