The Grande Invite from My Son & Son-In-Law!

 I really thought that the three of us had already decided a couple of months ago that I would stay at my apartment and that they would stay at their home.  It was nice of them to ask me if I would like to move in with them but…truth is, I didn’t want anything to interfere with their newly-married selves.


Bronson and Sam Cut the Cake!

Then, just a week ago, they called me…on speaker phone…and said that they wanted me to move in with them…because we are a family.  Silence on the phone from me.  “I thought we had this figured out?”, I said.  “Mom, you said for us to really give it a lot of thought; that’s what we did!”, they said.  “We love you, Mom, and we want to spend a lot more time with you and doing things with you would be so much easier because we would all be right here.”, said Sam, my son-in-law. I didn’t want to mess with their spontenaity. My son Bronson replied,”Mom, you know that running around in the nude kinda wears off a little after 6 months; afterall, you have been married 6 times!”  When your kid is right…your kid is right. Fast forward fifteen minutes…”Why not!”, says I.

They have more rooms then they use and I certainly can use more room.  Besides, I love them more than anyone or anything in the world.  We have so much fun together and…my losing some weight will be a lot easier if I am living with my son-in-law-the-trainer!  And Bronson and I will probably drive Sam mad with our reminiscences!


 We all three blog, love movies, videos, all types of music, cooking inside and outside and we love doing home projects.  I intend to make them happy that they gave to me The Grande Invite. Afterall, we are pretty much all we have aside from an amazing circle of friends who will always be welcome at our home.  Did I say OUR? OMG!

Another addition to the Page residence is…Burbank the Cat! (Banks)

It should be interesting when The Page Dogs (Max the Yorkie and Churchill the Big Dog)

meet Conny’s Cat. (Don’t be a smart-ass!)




This Halloween, moving day to The Page House,

marks my 10th year here in Los Angeles…THIS time.

Something tells me that I won’ be running out of more

Tales from a Broad!







4 Responses to “The Grande Invite from My Son & Son-In-Law!”

  1. wow very nice blog,very much informative! anywhere before anything like this unreadable, thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read! thank you.

  2. Someone must have pissed in your cornflakes when you were young. Shame.

  3. I wanted to pass along a warm congratulations. Bronson & I attended HS together.

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