Conny, “Cold Case” and a Nice Chianti!

Much love and thanks

to Kathryn Morris and

John Finn of “Cold Case”!

If your dance card is not all full for

this coming weekend, I hope that you

will watch the 2nd episode of the new

season of “COLD CASE”… Sunday, October 26,

9PM…CBS! It is called,”Shore Leave” and…this is

my TV re-debut! I haven’t worked in television for many years,so it is a real thrill that my “get-back” gig is one of the classiest and smartest shows there is. And if you do not have a nice Chianti to sip during the show..I totally back vodka.

Kathryn is talented, gorgeous, warm…and she laughs at my jokes! John is smooth, handsome, a real professional…and he hugs good! There is not a clinker in the bunch when it comes to cast and crew; even the read-through was aces! And the audition? What can I say? It was like meeting friends for a chat.  Damn, I’m lucky!

Bronson and Sam talked me into getting back into what I love doing best…performing.  I cannot get away from the fact that I am an actress…a singer…an entertainer.  SOoo, fast forward to my signing with a great agent, Todd Justice at Venture IAB. Forward again…I cannot wait to see MY episode of Cold Case this Sunday!. And no small thanks to my bosses, Claire and Ryan.

  Me…”at home in my bar”




 Love the Navy!        

 Kathryn and me

 ‘course there were lotsa other people, too!  Handsome “sailors”, a younger me, “Sue/Conny”, the amazing sound and lighting crews, fab grips and gaffers, ADs, make-up and wardrobe folks…Oh Yeah… and Alex………, the director!

 Call me a Navy fool!

 Hotep: My guide and chaperone

 Tony: “Sweet Thang” the AD

 Sound Crew …Extraordinaire!



Love him! Shirt from when John directed.

 Extra…cute as he wants to be!

 “Sue” (me) REALLY back in the day!’s all for the fuckin’ art.

Besides, when  Danny Pino says, “Great read.” I die a little.


The day flew by too fast…I want to do this every day of my life.  I only wish it could be with these very same people! The casting people were my best audiece and so kind.  By the way…none of the above is bullshit.

Oh…one more photo…my son Bronson came by to visit me on the set, since he works at Warner Brothers.  I felt so good making him proud of his ol’ mom.

I guess I was just showing off. That’s just one more of those…tales from a broad!


2 Responses to “Conny, “Cold Case” and a Nice Chianti!”

  1. Cold case is one of my favorite shows. Congrats on the part Conny. I will look forward to seeing you again on TV. Won’t miss this one for tivo will pick it up. Keep us posted on your upcoming shows.

  2. I watched that episode. You were great!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Keep us posted.

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