Rachel Cannon: Monday, 9:30 ABC “Samantha Who?”

Rachel Cannon: not only is she incredibly talented and quick, she’s beautiful. 


Be sure to watch her on ” Samanath Who?’ this coming Monday on ABC.

When Bronson and Sam introduced me to her, I was taken a-back.

It was at the 1010 Wilshire event, ushering in Sam’s new  training studio.  Rachel

was like a star; actually, she IS a star.  I am wondering how long it will take for

Hollywood to get it! She is real and almost overwhelming…my kind of girl! I think that I see some of me…please, Universe, let that be.

The thing about Rachel is that there is nothing fabricated.  She is enough all on her own and does not need to be more or anything else.  


Maybe I love her because I see a little of me, back-in-the-day, in Rachel Cannon.

I am pleased to be in your company, Rachel Cannon; you are that breath of fresh air that people have talked about. Great things will come of you. And I’m sure that is not just some more…tales from a broad.


One Response to “Rachel Cannon: Monday, 9:30 ABC “Samantha Who?””

  1. Rachel Cannon Says:

    Conny, I adore you.

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