Garnik, I Will Miss You!

I am packing up my little apartment on Los Feliz Blvd.  It is noisy on The Blvd. and still I do not know all of my neighbors.  Yet, I will miss my “hood”.  I have lived in this area, 1 mile square, for nearly 10 years. My favorite restaurant, delivery or otherwise, is Palermo Italian Ristorante.


The best friend I ever had, Kia Papas, lived next door; she’s been gone four years.  We would order dinner from Palermo at least once a week. Garnik just delivered the last meal I will have here from Palermo.

         My “hood”, my “peeps”. I’ll miss them.

Garnik had been gone for a year because of a bad auto accident; I remember him being gone. Tonight he said, “I will remember you as good customer. Beautiful woman. I think I was supposed to come back to bring you your last delicious meal from Palermo!”  I signed an 8X10 glossy to him and noted on the back that my episode of Cold Case airs tomorrow night at 9pm.  Garnik said, “I knew you were special.”  Big tip? Is a pig’s ass pork? 

And when I say that you must try the white pizza, Pizza Rosa, that’s not just one more of those…tales from a broad.


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