Cold Case Reprise

Once again I have discovered that it is not what I am doing in acting/singing/performing that is the important thing in my life; it is that my family is with me “in it”!








Last night was amazing to me, not because of my performance (although, in my opinion, it was strong and right) , but it was amazing because I was sharing the moment with my son Bronson and my son-in-law Sam.

We shared it in the home that I will soon be a part of and living in.  I just have to get over my “visiting mode”. I have never watched one of my performances, as it first aired…let alone with my family. Not only that, but really good friends were watching it in their own homes; they remembered me and that the night was special to me…more than they could have known. What is more..they emailed me, called me and sent clips of the evening. If ALL of these people had not encouraged me, I would not have tried to re-emerge. It’s a syndrome; makes me feel like I belong in this era, having a syndrome, and that I am not just sa female spouting…tales from a broad.





4 Responses to “Cold Case Reprise”

  1. Rose Maag Says:

    So I was watching Cold Case, one of my favorite shows and saw a beautiful lady behind the bar. My son was sitting there with me when I said to him “OMG Aaron that’s Conny”. Great job on the show. I always enjoy watching you perform.


  2. waltzinexile Says:

    Just so you know, you have fans in Exile who thought you were so awesome she I mean they woke up the kids with her I mean their cheering. Way to go Conny!

  3. Conny that is so true. It really is the most important thing to have your family behind you, proud of you and what you do. They have every reason to be. You have two fine children behind you. I know for I have a son that supports me in all I do and that means more to me than anything.

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