Thanks for Last Night

Last night was our Holiday Party; the gift which Bronson, Sam and I gave to each other. 


The thing about the party is that it was a really great opportunity to meet the people who are so much a part of our individual lives.  I will not go on and on about how great the evening was…well,maybe just a tad.

 It was great to finally put a face to the name of those we had heard of from each other.  Sam put it so succinctly this morning while he was whipping up scrambled eggs with cheese and a huge batch of fried potatoes and onions; “It was such a great time because it gave us our first real feeling of being a family core, in our home, with the friends who came to share it.” Sam has a way of paring down things to their basic truth. He also has a great way of using some of the leftovers from the party!

Although we each had our own segment of the inviteds, it was rewarding to see the melding of a lot of folks from a lot of different places in our individual lives. I have always thought myself lucky to work with the people at Click and this was my chance to kind of show them off to my son and to my son-in-law. It was also my chance to introduce my friends to my family.  It was a genuine positive experience for the three of us; one I am sure we will repeat. It means so much when people carve out the time to  share themselves.

Churchill and Max loved meeting so many people and Burbank the Cat evn stayed downstais for the evening.  However, I couldn’t catch up with her for a photo-opp; not even this morning!


Last night was a great night with great food, a good fire and the best people you’ll find anywhere. I thank them so much for coming and for making this Holiday Season the richest one in memory. Believe me, that’s not just some more…tales from a broad.


One Response to “Thanks for Last Night”

  1. When you offered up the idea of having a holiday party in lieu of doing gifts this year, I was excited, because I knew it would be a great project for you, Bronson and myself to complete together. And it was an amazing night with so many great memories. But I think my favorite part of the evening was the journey we had getting to the event itself—the planning, working on the yard and the house, shopping and sending invites, watching countless episodes of “Paula Deen” and of course, melting all that BUTTER.

    Peace, Love, Lunges,

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