We Are ALL on a Slide to Extinction

I am the last of me. The way I speak, act and react are not found again in nature. The tilt of my head may reveal itself  in my son as something noticed out of the corner of someone’s eye, but it will be the merest ghost of me.  


My unique reaction or my quickness of humor may be found in a nano-second during a conversation with my son, but it will be only the mist of me. We are all on a slide to extinction.

I wish that there was an online site where people whom are interested could go to make a donation to the preservation of me but I am not a polar bear, wolf or whale.  Making my water cooler or warmer, cleaning my air, taking away pollutants or making sure that I have a salt-lick will not make me stay longer. There is no changed behavior or habit that will allow my clones to propagate or to live better. When I die, the memory and stories of me will be all that is left.  


I guess I’d better see to it that those ribbons of Conny are bright, honest and true. And if I find myself in a negative situation with a fellow traveler, I best make the moment something I do not mind being shared with others. To continue on as if the moment never happened or as if that person never permeated my space is the unspoken insult and the safest way to be un-quotable.  



Besides that, it takes away the negative energy that courses through me when I decide to reply with a cutting word.  There will be times when my conviction will not allow me to suppress the harshest words; I just have to be certain that it is a battle worth fighting and worth the result.



If you know that your life is a gift and that you are using that gift to its maximum level, you will leave behind the closest thing to an exact copy of yourself; memories and stories that are bright, honest and true.  


There will be no one exactly like you for others to know; that is the gift and that is the magic of the journey to extinction. No matter how old or young you are, 2009 may be the perfect year to begin leaving the footprint which depicts you at your best. And that, Dear Ones, is not just…some tales from a broad.


4 Responses to “We Are ALL on a Slide to Extinction”

  1. Dear Conny,
    This is one of the most brilliant things I have ever read. The depth and truth in these words reveal the quality of your soul…and a sublime and beautiful soul it is. Thank you for the incredible gift you have given all who are lucky to read this post. It is exquisite.
    Happy New Year to you and yours, and best wishes for all that is good, or needed most, in 2009…be that love, peace, serenity, health, prosperity, kindness, hope or optimism.

  2. Sharon Barber Says:

    Dearest Conny,
    I have known for years that you are a wonderful person and that I have a friend for life. You know the right words to say whether it something funny or a word or two of wisdom. i have been blessed to know you. Thank you for bing in my life.. Love Your sister Sharon

  3. Hey Sis!
    You are a precious part of my life…wouldn’t change a second of it!

  4. You have a great wit as well as a way with words. You paint a picture with your words so vivid one can see almost touch what your saying. We are all one of a kind for some that’s good for some not. In your case it is your giflt to your son and those who love you. To be able to touch others with your words is rare and beautiful. Even though I know you but don’t know you, gee that makes sense, I’m glad to be able to tell you on your site what I couldn’t in person. We never were that close. Just know in your past there was a girl who had the same dreams as you, the same soul as you yet couldn’t connect with a person she admired. Take care Conny and let us in at will.

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