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Don’t Quit Your Day Job

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Interesting times, these.  I speak about this from the viewpoint of an actor/entertainer. These are the times when you have to take a look at what is really going on in our industry.  



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Uninvited Leading Lady

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                         conny-burt-in-ww1                                                                                             ww-poster-conny-and-burt   

Nashville, 1973…I think.  There was a big article in the Nashville Banner about a major Hollywood studio coming to film a story about real Country singers and The Grand Ol’ Opry.  Not only that, but it would star Burt Reynolds and he needed a leading lady. This was the stuff that movies were made of…for real.

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Cold Case Reprise

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Once again I have discovered that it is not what I am doing in acting/singing/performing that is the important thing in my life; it is that my family is with me “in it”!








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Rachel Cannon: Monday, 9:30 ABC “Samantha Who?”

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Rachel Cannon: not only is she incredibly talented and quick, she’s beautiful. 


Be sure to watch her on ” Samanath Who?’ this coming Monday on ABC.

When Bronson and Sam introduced me to her, I was taken a-back.

It was at the 1010 Wilshire event, ushering in Sam’s new  training studio.  Rachel

was like a star; actually, she IS a star.  I am wondering how long it will take for

Hollywood to get it! She is real and almost overwhelming…my kind of girl! I think that I see some of me…please, Universe, let that be.

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