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Seems Like Yesterday:Bronson’s Birthday 04/05/68

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Nothing much has changed in him, only everything         bronsons-back

I am twenty-three again, only wiser

I didn’t know it then, but he was everything   my-son-and-me    cold-case-bronson-and-me

My son, my pulse, my heart, my adviser      bronson-and-me-sepia

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Photo Letter to Ken Starr, et al: Enough Said

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Me with my son-in law Sam Page (left) and my son Bronson Page (right).


Happy 3rd Anniversary, Sons!

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Three years…on the way to forever.

With undying love,





The Grande Invite from My Son & Son-In-Law!

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 I really thought that the three of us had already decided a couple of months ago that I would stay at my apartment and that they would stay at their home.  It was nice of them to ask me if I would like to move in with them but…truth is, I didn’t want anything to interfere with their newly-married selves.


Bronson and Sam Cut the Cake!

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Dear Senator Obama, Gay Marriage?

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After last night’s debate, I am more convinced than ever that you are the right person for the job as President of the United States. The directness and sincerity you exude further exemplifies some of your leadership qualities that have made you my choice. Your views on how to move the economy to a stable state, foreign policy, Osama Bin Laden, Al Quada, energy, health care and education fit well with my own views for the prosperity of this country. Now for one more very important point that effects millions of voters…gay marriage.



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