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Seems Like Yesterday:Bronson’s Birthday 04/05/68

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Nothing much has changed in him, only everything         bronsons-back

I am twenty-three again, only wiser

I didn’t know it then, but he was everything   my-son-and-me    cold-case-bronson-and-me

My son, my pulse, my heart, my adviser      bronson-and-me-sepia

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Bronson Buckled!

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My son, Bronson Behrendt Page,

won the buckle forChute-Dogging

at the 2008 Las Vegas Gay Rodeo this past Sunday!

I couldn’t be prouder. Giant kudos to you, Killer!


Conny Van Dyke…Tales From a Broad.

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Don’t Let You Cowboys Grow Up to Be Babies!

The L.A. Rodeo in Thousand Oaks last weekend was worth every drop of sweat on my sons’ brows. My son Bronson reminds me a lot of my late-brother, Van.  They neither liked to participate in athletic team sports.  But…give them a chance to shine in a one-cowboy venue or on a motorcycle…well…that was different.  Bronson  and Sam were outstanding in the Chute-dogging event and even in the Goat Dressing event. Along with their mentor, Sonny Koerner, they were my favorite Cowboys.


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