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Seems Like Yesterday:Bronson’s Birthday 04/05/68

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Nothing much has changed in him, only everything         bronsons-back

I am twenty-three again, only wiser

I didn’t know it then, but he was everything   my-son-and-me    cold-case-bronson-and-me

My son, my pulse, my heart, my adviser      bronson-and-me-sepia

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Cold Case Reprise

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Once again I have discovered that it is not what I am doing in acting/singing/performing that is the important thing in my life; it is that my family is with me “in it”!








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Rachel Cannon: Monday, 9:30 ABC “Samantha Who?”

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Rachel Cannon: not only is she incredibly talented and quick, she’s beautiful. 


Be sure to watch her on ” Samanath Who?’ this coming Monday on ABC.

When Bronson and Sam introduced me to her, I was taken a-back.

It was at the 1010 Wilshire event, ushering in Sam’s new  training studio.  Rachel

was like a star; actually, she IS a star.  I am wondering how long it will take for

Hollywood to get it! She is real and almost overwhelming…my kind of girl! I think that I see some of me…please, Universe, let that be.

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Coming Soon…to a small screen near you!

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If you read Lovesick Billy, you know that something is in the offing.  I have just finished shooting an episode of my favorite TV series.  I will not tell you which one that is yet because of the “jinx principal”. Suffice to know that…the eyes have it! Continue reading

Butt-nibbled by the Past

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A couple of days ago, I was sitting at my desk at Click when I heard a voice from The Prez’s office.

“Did you hear that?” It was Ryan speaking to Andrew and Brian who were all having their lunch and watching GSN (Game Show Network).

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My Adam-12 Episodes… Online.

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One of my dearest friends, internet maven Matt Rosler, sent me a link to one of my episodes of Adam-12 on Fabulous.

cvd_adam12.jpgAdam-12, 1970

I’m the dingy blonde; clearly not typecast. The guys were great and I had the biggest crush on Kent McCord. What a hunk. The costumer said they’d just used that wig on Doris Day. I made sure it came back looking a little less innocent. It must have worked; they asked me back in the second season… different wig.

I’ve posted it here, and on the Clips page. Enjoy!

Conny on Cross-Wits

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My dear friend, Ray McNally, found the November 17, 1975 Cross-wits show on YouTube. Amazing. There’s not much of it, but you’ll get a feel for what the show was like. Thanks so much, Ray!

Find out more about The Cross-Wits and its historical significance here: wiki/The_Cross-Wits