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Seems Like Yesterday:Bronson’s Birthday 04/05/68

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Nothing much has changed in him, only everything         bronsons-back

I am twenty-three again, only wiser

I didn’t know it then, but he was everything   my-son-and-me    cold-case-bronson-and-me

My son, my pulse, my heart, my adviser      bronson-and-me-sepia

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Un-Conditionally Me

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I was sure that, although I had been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century by my son Bronson, I did not have a phobia, condition, syndrome or wasn’t “damaged” like almost every person I know.  


I really didn’t think that I was part of the new millennium because I was too old and not in-touch enough to fit in with the very folk I consider to be my friends. I didn’t have a condition. I was partly wrong.

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We Are ALL on a Slide to Extinction

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I am the last of me. The way I speak, act and react are not found again in nature. The tilt of my head may reveal itself  in my son as something noticed out of the corner of someone’s eye, but it will be the merest ghost of me.  


My unique reaction or my quickness of humor may be found in a nano-second during a conversation with my son, but it will be only the mist of me. We are all on a slide to extinction.

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Thanks for Last Night

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Last night was our Holiday Party; the gift which Bronson, Sam and I gave to each other. 


The thing about the party is that it was a really great opportunity to meet the people who are so much a part of our individual lives.  I will not go on and on about how great the evening was…well,maybe just a tad.

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A REALLY Happy New Year

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When I woke this morning                           bron-sam-and-me

I was not really sure

What I would be doing

or what I would endure

There was much to do

And three of us to do it

All I knew for real, for sure

Was that we three would get through it.

The house was cleaned

We found the decorations

We’d planned the food and timeline

Stocked some fab libations

Beneath all this, life was real

It had the warmth

And had the feel

We talked and laughed

And even cried

We came closer together                                    file0002

And hadn’t even tried

We changed our gear

To forge ahead

Any negative became

Positive instead

It’s going to be

a different year

We have a grip

The road is clear

I’ll share in them

They’ll share in me                       photo_091507_003-1

What a better year

It’s bound to be

We had the love

All along

But, now together,

It’s three-times strong

Another thing that I have to say                          sam-and-me

Is life is better than even yesterday

Nothing to fear

No great confusion

Abundance is ours

In splendid profusion

Now I know

We are three to do it

And whatever comes

We three will get through it.

Happy Chanuka,                                  three

Happy Kwanza,

Merry Christmas,

It’s such a shonda

That every family everywhere

Cannot know the joy that we share

Every father, mother, sister, brother

Son and daughter and any other

Hug the ones so close to you                          la-group-sams-34th-crpt

That’s the important thing to do

Before you know it,

And in not very long,

You’ll find it impossible

To not get along.

You’ll discover the hearts

That beat like yours

The tears are the same

The games and the chores

With that said

All that’s left to say                                     conny-cheers-sepia

Is make each day 

Your Holiday.

I send my love to each and every person I know and don’t know…

and that’s not just some more…tales from a broad!


Conny Van Dyke…Tales From a Broad.

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Don’t Let You Cowboys Grow Up to Be Babies!

The L.A. Rodeo in Thousand Oaks last weekend was worth every drop of sweat on my sons’ brows. My son Bronson reminds me a lot of my late-brother, Van.  They neither liked to participate in athletic team sports.  But…give them a chance to shine in a one-cowboy venue or on a motorcycle…well…that was different.  Bronson  and Sam were outstanding in the Chute-dogging event and even in the Goat Dressing event. Along with their mentor, Sonny Koerner, they were my favorite Cowboys.


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New Clips on Youtube!

Posted in Uncategorized on May 13, 2008 by Lovesick Billy

“He’s My Lover” from the film Framed, in which she starred with Joe Don Baker

“I’ll Never Make it Easy”, also from Framed

These clips will also be available on the CLIPS page.