“Shiner”, 2005

Conny Van Dyke sings “He’s My Lover” from the film Framed, in which she starred with Joe Don Baker

Conny performs the above song and the following one, “I’ll Never Make it Easy”, in Framed and they are cuts from her self-entitled album which also features songs she performed as co-star with Burt Reynolds in another 70s film, W.W. and the Dixie Dancekings.


Cross-Wits, 1975

Adam-12, 1970

I’m the dingy blonde; clearly not typecast. The guys were great and I had the biggest crush on Kent McCord. What a hunk. The costumer said they’d just used that wig on Doris Day. I made sure it came back looking a little less innocent. It must have worked; they asked me back in the second season… different wig.


2 Responses to “Clips”

  1. Okay, I had chills and am speechless. What an AMAZING collection of performances.

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