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Seems Like Yesterday:Bronson’s Birthday 04/05/68

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Nothing much has changed in him, only everything         bronsons-back

I am twenty-three again, only wiser

I didn’t know it then, but he was everything   my-son-and-me    cold-case-bronson-and-me

My son, my pulse, my heart, my adviser      bronson-and-me-sepia

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Ramona: Sunshine and Force of Nature

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Sam went to see his grandmother in Utah; fortunately, Bronson went with him and had the chance to meet Ramona.

092    bronson-ramona3



These two men are the most important people in my life and they love each other.

My life is worthwhile because my son has met his soulmate.  bronsam-at-the-rodeo

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We Are ALL on a Slide to Extinction

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I am the last of me. The way I speak, act and react are not found again in nature. The tilt of my head may reveal itself  in my son as something noticed out of the corner of someone’s eye, but it will be the merest ghost of me.  


My unique reaction or my quickness of humor may be found in a nano-second during a conversation with my son, but it will be only the mist of me. We are all on a slide to extinction.

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Photo Letter to Ken Starr, et al: Enough Said

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Me with my son-in law Sam Page (left) and my son Bronson Page (right).


Thanks for Last Night

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Last night was our Holiday Party; the gift which Bronson, Sam and I gave to each other. 


The thing about the party is that it was a really great opportunity to meet the people who are so much a part of our individual lives.  I will not go on and on about how great the evening was…well,maybe just a tad.

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Sam Page’s 34th!

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How terrific to celebrate Sam’s 34th Birthday with some of the best people in the WORLD!

La Group was there en-force…

Sam was truly surprised and I will never forget his handsome face as he realized we were there to wish him the best!

                                                Sam and Bronson

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Coming Soon…to a small screen near you!

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If you read Lovesick Billy, you know that something is in the offing.  I have just finished shooting an episode of my favorite TV series.  I will not tell you which one that is yet because of the “jinx principal”. Suffice to know that…the eyes have it! Continue reading