My dear friend, Ray McNally, found the November 17, 1975 Cross-wits show on YouTube.  Amazing.  There’s not much of it, but you’ll get a feel for what the show was like.  Thanks so much, Ray!

Find out more about The Cross-Wits and its historical significance here: wiki/The_Cross-Wits


3 Responses to “TV”

  1. Conny,
    I finally got a copy of “Framed” on DVD. It only took me 2 years!!
    I’m so glad you have “He’s My Lover” on your site for when I bought your album “Conny Vandyke sings for You” way back when, that was my favoite song. The guy that played Sam in “Framed” was
    in “A Caribbean Mystery” with Helen Hayes. You acted in good company! I saw Kent McCord on a program honoring Rick Nelson. He knew him and I must say Kent really looks good today! I can see why you called him a hunk.

  2. Conny,
    after seeing you on Cold Case, you were good, I hope you inform us if your going to be on other TV series. I always enjoy seeing you act, I have since way back LOL. I’m so glad your still active and better yet that they want you. Hey, some get left behind but not the good ones! Hope to cya
    soon on the tube maybe in HD?

  3. I’m so sorry I missed you on CSI. It is one of my fave shows so I would have really enjoyed seeing you on it. The last post I did I kidded about HD now I have it.
    I hope you had a great summer. Look forward to reruns maybe I’ll catch you then.

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